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Connie’s Story and Web Page

Connie Caulfield

Hello! My name is Connie Caulfield. I am not a family member, but since I became involved investigating the disappearances of Dorothy and Danielle Pitcher, I feel as if I have become an extended member of the Pitcher family.

I have been working with Dawn Pitcher since the summer of 1998. It is a long and strange story of how I came to be involved, but I feel as if I am here to stay until we find out where Dorothy and Danielle are and what happened to them. I take this case personally and feel as if I am on a mission and cannot stop or put this down until the mystery has been solved.I have learned over the years to pace myself and not get frustrated with the lack of interest in the community and local law enforcement pertaining to the disappearances of Dorothy and Danielle.

I re-lit the fire for the Pitcher family in 1998 after they had pretty much given up hope of getting any kind of help! I became their new fire. I began with calls and then everything progressed from there.Before I knew it some of the Pitcher family came to Arizona on a new mission in finding Dorothy and Danielle, focusing on the community and law enforcement.

"Someone somewhere knows something".
       Has always been my motto.

I believe that since their disappearances on May 23, 1993 to now, that someone is going to come forward with new information.I have to believe that… it keeps my motor running.My perception on life tells me that a lot can happen to people in 16 years. I have seen people go from being alcoholics or drug users to living the life of a Christian. I have also witnessed Christians turn away from Christ and become alcoholics and drug users as well.My money where this case is concerned, is riding on the "born again" Christians. I feel there is a person that witnessed what actually happened or has first hand knowledge that is just eating them up alive. I pray this person will come forward giving the Pitcher family the answers they so desperately need and have waited so patiently for.

I have invested a lot in solving this missing persons case, from money to a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on.Through all this, we have been blessed with an everlasting friendship between Dawn Pitcher and I. We have become each other’s "rocks". I wouldn’t change a thing if I could go back, so I am here til the end!

Dawn and I designed this site and hope you find it helpful. If you can think of anything we need to add or change please let us know.

connie@missingpitchers.com   dawn@missingpitchers.com