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Dawn’s Story and Web Page

My name is Dawn Pitcher and I am writing this because I am in need of your help.

On May 23, 2002, my mother (Dorothy Pitcher) and sister (Danielle Pitcher) have been missing for 9 yrs, and are now presumed dead. I am willing to accept that fact, but not without proof and bringing them home and laying them to rest as they should be. Then finding out what has happened to them!

My family is a large one and we don’t have much money. I believe if we had money we might have gotten more assistance with the local law enforcement and media.

I have a very strong feeling that since it has been 9 years; that someone out there has information on the disappearances of my mom and sister and are ready to talk. I need to make sure the right buttons are pushed and you can help me do this.
My family needs closure

After about 5 years working on the case solo, I came across Connie Smierciak or should I say she came across me, and who is now my co-partner. She has helped me out of the kindness of her heart not asking for anything but to help bring peace.

My co-partner and I have been investigating this case since. We have conducted phone interviews, made a web page, made posters, and roadside billboard type signs, formed a "walk for justice " and I have done talk shows about missing persons. We have done searches through the desert, mines and mountains. We have even followed up on every rumor we’ve heard and still no sign. We may be getting tired, but we wont give up.

We have had countless meetings with the police out there, but it's hard for them to help when there is such a high turn over in the police department. Since the beginning of the case, we have had over 8 detectives in charge and at some point, no one has had the case. When they have a chance to look at it, it moves to someone else making it hard for anyone to get familiarized, and making it very frustrating on us.

Any extra money is spent on the case, any extra time is spent on this case, and we are running out of both, but we will never quit.

So please if there is anything you can do to help us in our search for my mom and sister, anything, please notify me immediately!

101 Wales Rd.
Monson, MA 01057
1-413-267-1903 / 1-413-538-5678 / 1-888-236-5888

Angel looking over Dawn